dare2wear - extreme hair tuning

How many do I need?

For a full head you'll need approximately 100-120 dreads. This does not depend on the thickness of your hair. If you have an undercut, you will need less.

How long does it last?

Your hair grows faster than normal if you wear extensions. After they have been braided in you should take them out every four to seven weeks. The dreads can be re-braided again and again for months.

Is it very heavy?

Not really so you won't feel it - except when you wash it. It can be quite weighty when wet, so avoid heavy rain, swimming and bust pipes.

Shall I wash my hair when the dreads are braided in?

Yes, it is recommended to wash your dreads once a week. If you fail to do so, your roots will start to tangle! Hair drying will take much longer mainly because of your own hair - synthetic dreads dry quite quickly.

Can I dye my roots while the dreads are braided in?

No, because you won't be able to rinse your hair properly. Also, bleach will break the dreads!

Does it damage my hair?

Your hair won't fall out if you take care of it, but as with any heavy styling it might weaken your hair. When you take out your extensions all the hair that has fallen out naturally will come out at once. Don't be scared, it is natural, you won't have to cut your hair!